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Guest Teacher Appointment Related Notices:

  1. Appointment Letter for Urdu
  2. Appointment Letter for Sociology
  3. Appointment Letter for Sanskrit
  4. Appointment Letter for Pol Sc
  5. Appointment Letter for Philosophy
  6. Appointment Letter for Mathematics
  7. Appointment Letter for Maithili
  8. Appointment Letter for Law
  9. Appointment Letter for Home Science
  10. Appointment Letter for Hindi
  11. Appointment Letter for Geography
  12. Appointment Letter for Electronics
  13. Appointment Letter for Commerce
  14. Appointment Letter for Botany
  15. Appointment Letter for Bengali
  16. Corrigendum for posting of guest teachers in seven subjects
  17. Regarding Joining of Guest Teacher
  18. Amended Merit List of 15 Subjects
  19. Second Appointment Letter in History
  20. Corrigendum of B-87 Dated 16-01-20
  21. Posting in Zoology, English, Bhojpuri, Persian, Psychology
  22. Posting in History, Economics, Chemistry, Physics
  23. Appointment in Bhojpuri
  24. Appointment in Chemistry
  25. Appointment in Economics
  26. Appointment in English
  27. Appointment in History
  28. Appointment in Persian
  29. Appointment in Physics
  30. Appointment in Psychology
  31. Appointment in Zoology
  32. Letter for guest teacher merit list
  33. Guest Teacher Merit List
  34. Counselling Notice
  35. Subjectwise List of Candidates for Guest Teacher Counselling
  36. NOTICE dated 30.03.2019
  37. Notice Dated 27.03.2019
  38. Notice Regarding Ph.D. Regulation 2009 Certificate Issued By Registrar
  39. Final Interview Schedule
  40. Scrutiny Result of cases which were under consideration
  41. Postponement of intervirw of guest teacher
  42. Psychology and Economics List of Candidates for Interview
  43. Psychology and Economics Interview Notice
  44. Subject-wise final result of scrutiny
  45. Subject-wise list of eligible candidates
  46. Subject-wise list of ineligible candidates
  47. List of candidates under consideration
  48. Guest Teacher Schedule
  49. Notice dated 02.03.2019 regarding Guest Teacher Appointment
  50. Guest Faculty Notice
  51. Notice for 08 subjects
  52. Scrutiny Result of 08 subjects
  53. Result of scrutiny of guest teacher application forms
  54. Scrutiny Result of 16 subjects